Trading a Canadian driver license for a German one

  1. Yasmin A said (23 Nov. 2017):

    Hi Nicolas,

    When they take away your Canadian license, do they give you a temporary license like they do in Canada – or a paper in which you can still drive while you wait for your license to be ready to pick up?


  2. Nicolas Bouliane said (13 Dec. 2017):

    They only take your Canadian licence away once they give you your (plastic) German licence, so at any time, you will hold a valid licence.

  3. Annicka said (7 Feb. 2018):

    I recently exchange my Canadian driver’s license for a German one. I’m wondering whether you have any tips about the next step–getting insurance. Did you need to get proof from Canada that your driving record was clean? Did you write to your former insurance company for this?

  4. Camila said (21 Feb. 2018):

    Hello, I am curious to know if they take away your Canadian license?….In the event that I move back to Canada Id like to have my license with me.

    Thank you!

  5. Camila said (21 Feb. 2018):

    Hello again,
    Must you have your license translated to the international one first? Or can I do this process with my original?

    Thank you again,

  6. Nicolas Bouliane said (28 Feb. 2018):

    I did not need a translation for my Canadian driving licence, which was in French.

  7. Nicolas Bouliane said (28 Feb. 2018):

    Yes, they will take your Canadian licence away, but you are still able to drive with your German licence in Canada, and you can trade your German licence for a Canadian one. It works both ways!

  8. Nicolas Bouliane said (28 Feb. 2018):

    I did not go through that procedure, but I read that it’s possible to do this. I frankly don’t remember with which insurance company I was in Canada, but I’m sure there’s a way.

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